Canada’s Mkango and Britain’s Metalysis Partner on Rare Earth Alloys for 3D-Printed Permanent Magnets

Published by , March 21, 2017 12:32 pm

(  Canadian mineral exploration and development company Mkango Resources Ltd. has announced a new partnership with British metals company Metalysis Limited. Both companies will seek to develop and commercialize rare earth metal alloys, which will be used for manufacturing 3D printed permanent magnets. The goals of the partnership are to establish a joint research and development program, as well as to open up a number of commercial possibilities, such as considering the United Kingdom as a possible future location for a manufacturing facility “to exploit a commercialized technology.” Currently, China is the dominant player in the rare earth permanent magnet industry, so Mkango is positioning itself to become one of the leading rare earth companies outside of China.
According to the companies, the 3D permanent magnets they plan to develop will be used to manufacture electric vehicles, as well as other green consumer products and technologies. Rare earth permanent magnets are an important part of many modern-day products, from hard drives and headphones to wind turbines.

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