Boeing Develops 3D Printing Process that Prints Embedded Electronics, Optics

Published by , May 16, 2017 12:13 pm

(RapidReady)  Boeing’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC) at the University of Sheffield in England has developed a new 3D printing process called THREAD that allows electrical, optical and structural elements to integrated into a component during the build process. The process embeds strands of different materials groups such as copper, fiber optic, steel, nitinol, and others, and can also embed tubes into an item.
“THREAD has scope to simultaneously add multiple industry-recognized threads of differing materials into one component, giving the component additional functions,” said Mark Cocking, AMRC development engineer and additive manufacturing specialist. “This will open AM up to a greater variety of uses. The development of this process is a potential game-changer. It could be used across many sectors such as medical, aerospace and automotive; where weight and size of components is critical; or where components would benefit from integrated data transfer and the protection of sealed connective tracks.”

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