BlackBelt 3D Promises to Print Pieces Longer than Itself

Published by , June 6, 2017 11:31 am

(DigitalTrends)  The BlackBelt 3D Printer, which set out to raise 50,000 euros (around $56,000) on Kickstarter–managed to surpass that goal in just a quarter of an hour. The reason for the excitement surrounding it is that the BlackBelt promises users the opportunity to print pieces much longer than itself. Creator Stephan Schürmann said, “This machine allows extraordinary, long workpieces, series production, and special geometries without additional support material.”
That’s because it incorporates a high-precision conveyor belt as a print platform, which moves horizontally with every new layer that’s printed. The conveyor also means it’s possible to create queues of items, since each one can be shifted off the printing platform after it’s finished. It’s a brilliantly simple idea (at least in conception), but one that makes it possible to create pieces that — for reasons of either volume, dimensions, or both — would otherwise prove extremely challenging.

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