BASF Establishing a Dedicated Additive Manufacturing Business

Published by , March 21, 2017 12:11 pm

(TCTMagazine) Chemical giant BASF provides some of the world’s biggest industries with the materials that make them possible. With a 150-year history spanning industries such as energy, to pharmaceuticals and plastics, the company has most recently turned its attention to the demand of the additive manufacturing (AM) sector by establishing a dedicated AM business and extending its expertise to AM-specific materials.
Kara Ann Noack, BASF’s Head of 3D Printing North America, said that customers across markets are looking to apply the polymers they’re already operating with to 3D printing applications. “It’s very varied across markets, across technologies. I would say the common thread is we want more, more choices, and we want better materials that are going to be able to enable functional parts,” Kara explained. “3D printing started off primarily being a prototyping technology but now people want to be able to make functional parts that go into production or enable them to go further through their testing lifecycle. The robustness and functionality of the parts have to be greatly improved and they need material innovations for that.”

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