AREVO’s 3D-Printed, All-Terrain City Bike Generates Excitement for “Feel” of Ride

Published by , November 9, 2018 5:14 pm

(CompositesManufacturingMagazine) AREVO has generated excitement with the design and production of an all-terrain city bike – the world’s first bike using a 3D-printed carbon fiber frame. The bike was the first application of AREVO’s 3D printing technology, leveraging a thermoplastic composite filament with continuous carbon fiber from Hexcel, the company’s proprietary Pathfinder software and robotics. According to the company, the thermoplastic filament is five times stronger than titanium and one-third its weight. The company completed the bike frame with only two prototypes.
“When you talk to a rider, how the bike feels – that is the hardness or softness of the bike – and how much it flexes under load is critical. We were able to model the desired riding quality in our Pathfinder software,” says Jim Miller, CEO of AREVO. “The software predicts the behavior and performance before the printing process begins.”

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