Additive Manufacturing Research’s Newest Bulletin Reports Challenges for 3D-Printed Polymers and Strong Showing for Metal 3D-Printing

Published by , January 13, 2017 12:29 am

(AMR) Each month Additive Manufacturing Research (AMR) publishes three bulletins for its clients: one each on 3D-printable polymers, 3D-printable metals and 3D printing in medicine and dentistry. AMR’s monthly bulletins offer: Continuous market data and forecast updates; Competitive analysis; and Guides to new potential profit opportunities
The new AMR bulletin says that the 3D-printable polymers sector has had more challenges over the past two years than in its previous history. In this sector, AMR is seeing, not just new competition, but also the development of entirely new print processes. AMR’s recent metal report bulletin points to a strong showing for metal additive manufacturing. According to AMR, “we’re expecting the industry to achieve around a 25 percent growth year over year, representing a fourth year of growth since the market’s ‘inflection point” which we believe was in 2013.”

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