AARK Engineering 3D-Prints Dummy for Automotive Passenger Tests

Published by , September 21, 2018 12:15 pm

(3DPrint.com) ARRK Engineering’s prototyping division recently developed a 3D-printed dummy designed to help automotive manufacturers test passenger thermal comfort and environmental conditions in cars. The main body parts of the dummy were designed to be fixed together with ball joints and angle joints that are lockable in various positions, enabling the simulation of passenger movement inside the vehicle. It also had needed sensors to measure air temperature, air velocity, radiation and relative humidity on the surface of the body panels.
The CAD data for the dummy was sent to ARRK’s prototyping center where 26 components were 3D printed with ARRK’s selective laser sintering (SLS) process. Those components included the dummy’s head, arms, legs, torso, hands and feet. In addition to the 3D printed parts, more than 60 components were CNC machined from steel and aluminum.