3DBear App Helps Children Design 3D-Printable Toys in Augmented Reality

Published by , August 7, 2018 1:53 pm

(3DPrint.com)  Finland’s 3DBear startup created the 3DBear app to enable children to design their own 3D-printable toys in augmented reality. Available for both iOS and Android, the app is simple enough for kids to use, allowing them to superimpose their own designs on their surroundings using their phone’s camera. The founders Kajala and Lehtonen wanted to capitalize on the popularity of such games as Pokémon Go and use the appeal of augmented reality to educate, not just entertain.
3DBear encourage teachers to use the app in the classroom–applying it to different subjects and lesson plans. The simplicity of the app means that it can be easily used to create scenes from history, for example, or bring literature to life. Using 3D design in augmented reality as a tool for creating makes curriculum come alive,” Kajala continued. “According to Bloom’s taxonomy, creating is the highest form of learning.”

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