3D Printing Trends at CES 2018

Published by , January 16, 2018 2:33 pm

(3DPrintingIndustry)  Several trends were evident. Notably, approximately one third of the 3D printing enterprises at the show were from China, with Shenzhen representing more than most. In total, 482 CES 2018 exhibitors had Shenzhen in their name.
Comments about CES from exhibitors include: 3D printing isn’t the novelty it once was and you can see that in the reactions of attendees. The 3D printing area at CES has definitely changed. People are no longer wowed by the technology like they were four years ago, it’s not the new hyped thing. The rapid development of new 3D printing capabilities continues to open the eyes of users and businesses alike. Examples like the growth of 3D printed metal objects, and 3D printed conductive objects for electronics have shown that much broader applications of 3D printing on the horizon.

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