3D-Printed, Customized Tracheal Splints Restore Breathing of 7-Month Baby

Published by , September 21, 2018 12:23 pm

(3Ders.org) Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has performed Georgia’s first-ever procedure to place 3D printed tracheal splints in a pediatric patient. The team used three 3D printed custom-made splints to assist the breathing of a 7-month-old patient battling life-threatening airway obstruction. The splints were designed by Scott Hollister, who holds the Patsy and Alan Dorris Endowed Chair in Pediatric Technology, a joint initiative supported by Georgia Tech and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.
Children’s cross-functional team of surgeons successfully placed three 3D-printed splints around the patient’s trachea in a complex 10-hour surgery. The splints will eventually be absorbed into the body, allowing for expansion of the trachea and bronchus.

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