3D Printed AR ‘Data Glasses’ for Engineering Work Created by German AR Researcher and Sinterit

Published by , October 13, 2017 12:49 pm

(3Ders.org)  German AR researcher Rigo Herold and Sinterit, a 3D printing company, have collaborated on a pair of SLS 3D printed “data glasses.” The augmented reality eyewear, optimized for industrial engineering work. Older data glasses’ size and complexity often makes them incompatible with everyday engineering clothes and equipment.Shrinking data glasses down to a convenient size therefore represents a big opportunity for engineers to use data glasses in a safe and effective way.
The Sinterit Lisa, an SLS metal 3D printer that costs less than $6,000 allowed Professor Herold to fabricate parts of the data glasses in the way he needed. “Due to the industrial purpose of the data glasses, it was…very important to be able to print on [the] Lisa printer both [a] short series of identical, small products, and tailored-made items for future users,” Sinterit said. The device 3D printed on the Sinterit Lisa can be directly mounted on a helmet or “separately adjusted to be used simultaneously with other necessary equipment.

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