3D-Printed Anatomical Models Used as Demonstrative Evidence in Courtrooms

Published by , October 5, 2018 12:41 pm

(TCTMagazine) The University of Warwick’s Centre for imaging, Metrology and Additive Technology (CiMAT) inside Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG),is one of the first centers for 3D-printed anatomical models to be used as demonstrative evidence in the courtroom. The group’s research paper ‘Novel application of three-dimensional technologies in a case of dismemberment’, represented the first of 100 cases worked on by the WMG as it became a national centre for 3D printed demonstrative evidence.
A powerful piece of demonstrative evidence can absolutely change the outcome of a case. Traditionally, in personal injury and medical malpractice cases, what you very often get is one medical expert saying, ‘this is a terrible injury’, and the other side saying, ‘it’s really not that bad’. A 3D-printed replica of a break in an arm enables the court to see how big the cracking and the microsopic injuries. It allows the jury to get a much better, independent assessment of how much injury has occurred in a way they can understand and interact with.

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