3D Micro-Printing Process from Cytosurge Opens New Dimensions for Fabrication of Microscopic Metal Structures

Published by , February 10, 2017 12:18 pm

(Cytosurge)  The micro 3D printing method developed by Cytosurge now allows scientists to manufacture tiny, complex metal components in a direct and simple process. The FluidFM® technology used in this procedure was designed by ETH Zurich scientists years ago for biological research. Now it has successfully been enhanced for usage in a completely different area of application. The ETH spin-off Cytosurge AG is now further developing this new 3D printing process for commercial use to be made available to interested customers in various markets shortly.
Scientist at ETH Zurich have now developed a completely new 3D micro printing process. With this procedure it is now possible to produce tiny – also partly overhanging – structures in a single, straightforward production step. In the near future this technique could for example be used to manufacture complex watch components or micro-instruments for minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Pascal Behr, co-founder and CEO of Cytosurge states: “The newly developed 3D printing method is suitable for applications in various markets.”

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