Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo returns to New York!

AND THUR. MARCH 16 10:00AM – 3:45PM

Inside 3D Printing Topics

Aerospace Business Branding Filaments IP Manufacturing Marketing Medical Metal Scanners Software Startup
Business Track

This track focuses on the investment, economic and business side of additive manufacturing and provides real-world case studies and strategies for leveraging 3D printing from both a small business and large enterprise context. Register Here

Manufacturing Track

Come learn about the latest developments in additive manufacturing and learn first-hand how factories are changing. Sessions will cover both metals and polymers, including some cutting-edge, experimental materials that have yet to be commercially released. Register Here

Medical Track

3D printing is disrupting the medical field. From surgical planning and skeletal reconstruction, to custom implants and orthotics, 3D printing is truly transforming lives. In this track, you will find in-depth sessions covering design and manufacturing of customized implants, dental devices, tissues, and much more using a variety of additive technologies. Register Here

Metal Track

2016 was a blockbuster year for metal 3D printing, with new market entrants, new machines and a stunning growth in the production of finished goods. Join us for a deep dive into the state of the technology today and get an insider’s perspective on game-changing events around the corner. Register Here

Who Should Attend?

  • Academicians
  • Architects
  • Artists & Makers
  • Automotive Professionals
  • Aviation Innovators
  • Engineers
  • Fashion & Jewelry Designers
  • Food Professionals
  • Industrial Designers
  • Inventors & Technologists
  • Investors & Entrepreneurs
  • Lawyers & IP Attorneys
  • Manufacturers & Prototype Specialists
  • Medical, Dental, & Prosthetic Specialists
  • Plastics & Metal Engineers
  • Software Developers

The Frontier Tech Showdown is the premier pitch event for seed-stage startups in 3D Printing, Robotics and Virtual Reality. Past participants, including 3D Hubs, Wiivv, Voxel8, Metamason and Cellink, have gone on to raise more than $60 million and have a cumularive market cap of over $180 million. Asimov Ventures will present the winner of this year’s Frontier Tech Showdown in New York with an uncapped SAFE for $15,000. Come join us to shape the latest advancements in Frontier Tech! today!

Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Media Partners


3 HTi provides leading edge 3D printing technology for the Discrete Manufacturing industry. We provide an impressive flexibility of materials to create parts (with the same strength as T6 aluminum or the precision of 10 microns) as functional prototypes or actual working parts. 3 HTi brings ideas from concept to finished product with exceptional consulting, training, support, and technology sales with a complete line of hardware and software to support your design/production efforts. is The Voice of 3D Printing Technologies, covering all the latest 3D printing industry news along with in-depth editorials and investigate reporting. Additionally offers resources for 3D printing professionals and enthusiasts alike, including the largest 3D printing message board,, as well as outlets fore-commerce, webcasts, white papers, online education and more.

‘Free Your Creativity”

We dream of a future in which every individual can create their own.
In order to intergrate 3D printing into everyday life smoothly, we are focusing on
- offering high quality 3D printing services. 
- creating 3D printers and devices that make 3D printing easy, etc.

Asimov Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm based in New York City and Seattle. Asimov is focused on investment in 3D Printing, Robotics and other Frontier technologies, seeking to partner with visionary entrepreneurs in relentless pursuit of opportunity.

ChemCubed (Chem3) develops custom chemistries for piezo-head additive manufacturing. ChemCubed’s technology is centered around nano-composite materials for jetting by means of common, commercial, piezo-effect inkjet “additive process” 3D printing equipment. These jettable nano-composite materials are application specific, embodying customer-specified physical, electrical, thermal or mechanical properties.  Chemcubed has materials for inkjet head and SLA printers.

ChemCubed has also developed materials such as highly conductive ink for low sintering temperatures and a corresponding method of printing electrical conduits, while printing a 3D structure. ChemCubed is introducing the next generation in UV LED flatbed inkjet printers. Electro-UV3D printers allow users to effortlessly print conductive liquids, support and insulating materials The printer can cure resins with different material properties building objects both flexible and stiff, as well as conductive conduits simultaneously. It is also possible to print directly onto substrates such as FR4 boards, making circuit boards, or on Kapton® tapes for flexible electronics.

Cimquest Manufacturing Solutions is a leading resource for 3D Printing and Reverse Engineering applications. They offer the entire line of Stratasys 3D Printers, and have been helping designers and manufacturers bring innovative ideas to life for 25 years. Operating the largest 3D 3D printing showroom in the Northeast, Cimquest additionally provides rapid prototyping services, 3D scanning & inspection services, Mastercam software, training, and support. With their vast product offering and superior manufacturing expertise, Cimquest is a one stop terminal for designers and engineers across all industries.

DesignPoint is a leading provider of solutions for product design, engineering, manufacturing and 3D printing, enabling engineering and manufacturing companies to maximize their potential. From SOLIDWORKS 3D design software to our line of 3D Systems and Markforged 3D printers to comprehensive support, contract services and training led by our qualified team of engineers, we believe that more is always possible! Come see the Markforged Mark Two in action, and learn how you can start reaching your goals with industry-leading technology proven to increase time-to-market while reducing time, costs and avoidable mistakes.

Established in 2002 and located in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen eSUN Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in researching, developing, producing and operating degradable polymer materials, such as PLA and Polymorph. eSUN own three different R&D centers, which specialized in material syntheses, modification and application. Since 2007, eSUN has began to research 3D printing material , so far, eSUN successfully developed PLA,ABS,PVA(water soluble support) , conductive, HIPS, PA, Polymorph, and PC filament etc. With the exclusive professional formulas and professional production lines, eSUN 3D filament is characterized by absolutely round shape, accurate diameter,high tenacity, uniform color shade and stable melting point. “ Best Quality, Reasonable Price ” is eSUN ‘s long-term insistent policy. Just because of these, eSUN 3D filament is very popular in this market, so eSUN successfully established the stable relationships with many famous 3D printer manufacturers, distributors home and abroad.

The FlackTek SpeedMixer is an advanced tool for mixing, grinding/milling and dispersing. This Non-Invasive Mixing TM technology removes air bubbles while homogenizing the sample in a matter of seconds, and there is ABSOLUTELY NO CLEANUP! The SpeedMixer can be used to process any combination of powders, pastes, putties, and liquids in batches ranging from 1g to 10Kg. Please visit our booth to learn how a SpeedMixer can benefit your R&D, quality control and specialty productions.

Flashforge USA is the leading provider of high quality desktop 3D printers with products ideal for beginners to professionals. Being the highest-rated and most valuable 3D printer brand with various winning awards, FlashForge continues leading the industry with its newest Dreamer and Creator Pro. With Flashforge USA, you’re just a phone call away from mastering 3D printing. It’s amazing to see a 3D printer turns ideas into reality, and we invite you to experience this phenomenon with us!

Formlabs designs and manufactures powerful and accessible 3D printing systems for engineers, designers, and artists. Their flagship product, the Form 2 3D printer, uses stereolithography (SLA) to create high-resolution physical objects from digital designs. The company was founded in 2012 by a team of engineers and designers from the MIT Media Lab and Center for Bits and Atoms. With its powerful, intuitive, and affordable machines, Formlabs is establishing a new benchmark in professional desktop 3D printing. Formlabs also develops its own suite of high-performance materials for 3D printing, as well as best-in-class 3D printing software.

Igus® Inc. has been manufacturing engineered plastics for over 50 years, and develops all materials and technology behind its lines of Energy Chain® cable carriers, iglide® bearings, Chainflex® continuous-flex cables and DryLin® linear systems. Igus® is committed to finding creative solutions that are quality tested, delivered from stock, and exceed customer expectations.

i.materialise is a leading online 3D printing service developed by Materialise. The platform has one of the largest selections of materials and finishes in the market (including metals and ceramics), and offers access to professional services and premium 3D-printed consumer parts. It caters to both makers and designers looking to print their designs in premium quality, and e-commerce entrepreneurs who want to streamline their file-fixing, quoting and 3D print ordering process. i.materialise is the user-friendly gateway to Materialise’s large-scale 3D printing capacity, world-class 3D printing software tools, and 25 years of experience with the entire 3D printing process.

New Valence Robotics® (NVBOTS) provides the only Built to Share™ automated 3D printing solutions, delivering high throughput production of parts in a wide range of both metals and plastics. Founded by a team of MIT engineers and based in Boston, our Mission is to provide fully automated solutions that enable manufacturers and designers to make production quality parts more efficiently and inexpensively than any other additive manufacturing system in the world.

ProtoCAM: A premier provider of additive manufacturing, industrial 3-D printing, rapid prototyping and prototype manufacturing. The company serves a broad spectrum of industries, including defense, aerospace, medical and automotive.

Recreus is a company specialized in the manufacture of filaments for 3D printing. Recreus only produces high quality filaments that have an excellent reputation in the 3D printing industry. We are proud to be the creators of Filaflex, the first high-performance elastic filament for 3D printers that allows flexible parts with unbeatable quality. Filaflex is the reference filament in the world of fashion, that lets you create complex designs that the wouldn’t be possible using traditional techniques. A genuine revolution!

Guangdong silver Age Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd. (Stock No. 300221), established in 1997, is a national advanced technology enterprise manufacturing high performance polymer materials. With a strong R&D team, mature production technology and expanding sales network, the company has built up five R&D and production bases in Guangdong(Humen, Daojiao, Zhongshan)and Suzhou (Wuzhong), with an annual production capacity of 300 million tons. Products are widely applied in the fields of 3D printing, LED, electronic components, household appliances, automobile parts, electric tools, toys, wires &cables, construction materials, etc. After years of development, Silver Age has become the Chinese leading enterprise in the business of 3D printing (materials R&D, production, printing services and sales). As the vice president of China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance and the leading enterprise of Dongguan 3D Printing Industry Alliance, Silver Age will continue promoting 3D printing applications by uniting resources of the industry.

Stardust is a leader in anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion solutions, working with Fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide. From our advanced research and development firm located in Vancouver, Washington, Stardust Materials is leading the way in anti-counterfeiting and diversion innovations. With unique optical taggants to proprietary authentication devices and supply chain security, we help brands protect their reputations and their bottom lines.

TechniPrint cleaning solution is an eco-friendly, high-speed, liquid concentrate SR support remover with significant benefits; speed, ease of production, safety and waste product management. Regardless of the scale of your operation, Techni Print can have a significant impact on all of the resources you are currently allocating to support cleaner removal and waste product management.

Titan 3D is a global leading supplier, which provide comprehensive solutions in 3D printing industry. Titan 3D not only sell 100% environmental protection high quality filament and easy use reliable FDM 3D printer, but also got a group of professional 3D graphic designers to assist you bring ideas to life. We highly value innovation and customer’s satisfaction, dedicated to provide customers top-notch quality products and service at competitive price.

WASP (World's Advanced Savings Project), Italian 3D printers' manufacturer led by its vision of scaling-up 3D printing technologies, through a resilient, frugal and collaborative model of thinking, aims to create the Maker Economy, a new economic model from the bottom up, based on the digital fabrication.

Ecomaylene 3D Printing Filament is the flagship product of Winrigo (S) Pte Ltd, manufactured in Singapore. With our knowledge and experience as a plastic compounding manufacturer, we are dedicated to continuous research, innovation and product development. Winrigo unveils new Ecovative PLA Alloys filaments in year 2016. For users interested in durable materials derived from renewable resources, you may look upon our High Performance Engineered Biopolymers. You will be able to order the new Ecovative filaments through As new creations of filament come out, new applications arise, and 3D printing becomes more awesome!


ACEO® is a registered trademark of Wacker Chemie AG, a globally active chemical company with some 17,000 employees and annual sales of around €5,3 billion (2015). The portfolio comprises among others more than 3,000 silicone products.

ACEO® is offering a worldwide service for 3D printed silicone parts out of its site in Burghausen, Germany. This is rounded up by development services for design and material; whereas in the Open Print Lab, designers and customers can experience the technology under the guidance of the ACEO® expert team.
Visit to find out more.

Aurora Labs 3D is currently the world’s most affordable 3D metal printer with 3 modes and 3 independently controlled powder hoppers. They have created their printers with a consumer budget in mind. Aurora Labs products are affordable enough for university labs, prototyping workshop, dental practices, bureau printers or the garage of the designers of the next disruptive technology.

Orrick is a leading global law firm with a cross-practice 3D Printing Group that assists clients in understanding the unique legal implications of 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Our 3D printing lawyers advise clients on intellectual property, corporate, products liability, and cybersecurity issues related to 3D printing. They also assist developers of 3D printing technologies, manufacturers using or considering using 3D printing, and companies concerned about how 3D printing will affect their business.

Since the establishment of Sunkyung Textiles in 1969, SK Chemicals has grown through continuous change and innovation into a chemical and life sciences enterprise representing South Korea. SK Chemicals’ new mission statement says, "We enhance human health and protect the Earth’s environment" and we have reorganized our business structure to focus on the two large sectors of green chemicals and life sciences. Providing distinguished chemical and life sciences products and solutions based on the world's highest technology standards, SK Chemicals is recognized as a leading global company of environmentally-friendly materials and total healthcare solutions. Our green chemical business is steadily progressing as a leading global company in the environmentally-friendly materials business by using the world’s best technology, knowledge, and production facilities.

Media Partners

3D Metal Printing magazine promises to be at the center of this exciting industry, keeping readers in tune with new-technology write-ups, application articles and tutorial “how-to” features. is The Voice of 3D Printing Technologies, covering all the latest 3D printing industry news along with in-depth editorials and investigate reporting. Additionally offers resources for 3D printing professionals and enthusiasts alike, including the largest 3D printing message board,, as well as outlets fore-commerce, webcasts, white papers, online education and more. - Discuss 3D printing, get technical help, learn about the technology and more at the world's #1 3d printing discussion forum. provides a home for 3D printing fanatics, DIY enthousiasts, students, engineers and industry professionals. On you’ll find general information, news, product reviews, use cases and technical guides. You can shop for products in our store and look for jobs on our job board. 

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing is the only peer-reviewed journal on the rapidly moving field of 3D printing and related technologies. The Journal provides comprehensive coverage of academic research and industrial and commercial developments that have applications in medicine, education, food, and architecture. It also explores emerging challenges and opportunities ranging from new developments of processes and materials, to new simulation and design tools, and informative applications and case studies.

Are you interested in 3D printing but not sure where to start? is here to help. We are the One Stop Shop for information and resources to get you started in 3D printing today. No hype or guru talk, just plain hands-on advice!

3D Print Pulse brings together the best daily content from over 60 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing thought leaders, including, Phillip Cotton, Leslie Langnau, and Lav Radis among many others. Using the social media signals from the audience, our proprietary curation engine ranks this content so that each of our readers receive the best and most personalized content. Join 20,000 other business professionals focused on 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. 
Visit the site, subscribe to our newsletter and see what your peers are
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The 3D Printing Channel is not only a destination for videos, articles and more for 3D printing enthusiasts, makers, designers and professionals but also a site network and conglomeration of business, marketing, PR, management and finance executives, all with marketing, media and management expertise. The 3D Printing Channel can help your 3D printing business. The 3D Printing Channel is the official media partner of 3D Printing Ventures and the Association of 3D Printing, the largest trade association in the industry.

3D Printing Industry is the leading online news service and authority on additive manufacturing. With over 5 years of reporting on 3D printing behind us, we are the first choice for comprehensive, accurate and up to date news about all aspects our industry. This year 3DPI will host the 1st Annual 3D Printing Industry Awards. Please visit our site for more information.

Additive Manufacturing Today; Additive Manufacturing Resources Including Industry News, Videos, Events/Trade Shows and Companies Using Additive Manufacturing For End Use Parts.

The Brooklyn Futurist Meetup is a forum to discuss what the world might look like in ten years plus. Many people are concerned about our society’s inability to think and plan more than a handful years into the future. This short-term perspective isn’t enough as we move towards a faster, more interconnected, dynamic world. The responsibility of examining such pressing questions is left to curious, intelligent, and dynamic people. We cover a new long-term topic 4-6 times per year with presentations by guest speakers, followed by spirited yet respectful discussion. Past events looked at music, chocolate, women in innovation, sustainability, space commercialization, the Lowline, the Ocean, web privacy, 3D Printing and media. We’re planning more exciting programs in culture, science, technology, education, startup financing, entertainment, commerce and societal relations. For more information, please visit,

We strongly believe in the necessary and beneficial interplay between the Arts, Science and Technology. So we develop and offer innovative "arts-meet-tech" (aka STEAM) tools and experiences bridging digital and physical. Our first product for example (in private beta), uses 3D printing as a medium to engage children and grown-ups alike around creative activities.We also offer custom educational services around the technologies we use in the form of workshops and learning sessions, and the development of event and educational project plans that integrate curricular or engagement objectives. Our goal is to enable a large and diverse community of “cyantists”, from all genders, ages and backgrounds, to learn, connect, create and make, with tangible purposes and outcomes . A woman owned and led company working towards B-Corp status, we are particularly committed to help empowering women and girls.

Our "HCx3DP Meetup NY"---HCx3DP stands for "Healthcare Multiplied By 3D Printing"---is designed to help grow an NYC community of HCx3DP Synergists. Come engage with the future of Healthcare innovation as 3DP/Digital Fabrication disrupts/rebuilds today’s Healthcare industry. Our next Meetup is Wednesday, 22 March, at 6 PM in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Besides convivial person-to-person, we will unveil our new Health Maker Lab Web site. Covering Metro NY’s LifeSci/DigiFab mashup for Health and Healthcare betterment. Please click on to join our Community (it’s free). Then, learn more and RSVP ($20 donation) via our 22 March Meetup headline link. is an Online Trade Magazine featuringProducts, Companies, News, Articles and Events for the AdvancedManufacturing, Factory Automation & 3D Printing industries.

MetalForming magazine is an industry leading magazine and the official publication of the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA). Published monthly, the magazine focuses on those who create precision metal products using stamping, fabricating and other value-added processes. MetalForming magazine reaches more than 52,000 subscribers each month with new product applications, state-of-the-art technologies and management solutions to help lower costs and create efficiency in the workplace. Visit for more information.

Since 1987, NCMS has provided collaborative technology solutions to manufacturers-including collaboration to evolve leading technologies like additive manufacturing and 3D printing. Its mission is to direct and promote R&D, and demonstration of technologies that will improve the competitiveness of US manufacturing. NCMS is a leader in bringing innovations into commercial implementation and accomplishes this faster, at lower cost, with fewer risks than participants working independently. Working through our contract vehicles, we fund technology projects for companies to innovate, demonstrate and implement their tech solutions for themselves and our funding partners. More information:

NYC Health Business Leaders is a professional community of 3,000 senior executives who are leading, innovating and driving healthcare forward. We have created a healthcare ecosystem in New York that spans sectors, bringing together the best minds to discuss important issues and spur innovation. We believe that by connecting the right people – leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and physicians – we can ignite the right conversations that advance all sides of health. For more information visit

Prototype Today is an informational resource website for 3d printing, rapid prototyping and manufacturing videos, news and events. The site contains over 3,900 videos broken down into 50+ categories for easy access. There are also over 4,000 articles and press releases available to search by a variety of criteria including company, most recent, tags, most popular and by month.

SolidSmack is the premier site for 3D technology and inspirational product design. We cover software, hardware, future technology and all topics related to the product development process. Roll it up in a fun and entertaining format and you have SolidSmack.

Women in 3D Printing was founded in 2014 to feature women leaders in the Additive Manufacturing industry through interviews and portraits. We also initiated #3DTalk, a series of events in the Bay Area and in major industry events.