Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo returns to Seoul

Who Should Attend?

  • Academicians
  • Architects
  • Artists & Makers
  • Automotive Professionals
  • Aviation Innovators
  • Engineers
  • Fashion & Jewelry Designers
  • Food Professionals
  • Industrial Designers
  • Inventors & Technologists
  • Investors & Entrepreneurs
  • Lawyers & IP Attorneys
  • Manufacturers & Prototype Specialists
  • Medical, Dental, & Prosthetic Specialists
  • Plastics & Metal Engineers
  • Software Developers

Frontier Tech Events

RoboUniverse is a robot technology “end user” conference and exposition, featuring an array of business professionals, industry practitioners and robotics solutions providers. RoboUniverse events are all about Modern Robotics – mobile service robots, collaborative robots, drones and cognitive intelligence (AI), and the intersection between IoT & Robotics. The conference features leaders and experts on the robotics revolution who provide insights into market and technology trends that are creating business opportunities and changing the way we work, learn, and live. Our goal is to provide education and actionable intelligence for our attendees.

Virtual Reality is once again “trending” now that decades of research and development have resulted in a new generation of low-cost VR devices that promise beneficial and profitable applications. VR is the largest platform opportunity since mobile and companies like Samsung, Microsoft, Google and Facebook are lining up to get a slice of the pie. VR is poised to become a major hub not only for gaming and entertainment, but for communications, business and social networking as well.

The Frontier Tech Showdown is the premier pitch event for seed-stage startups in 3D Printing, Robotics, and Virtual Reality. Past participants, including 3D Hubs, Wiivv, Voxel8, Metamason, and Cellink, have gone on to raise more than $60 million and have a cumulative market cap of over $180 million. Asimov Ventures will present the winner of this year’s Frontier Tech Showdown in Seoul with an uncapped SAFE for USD $5,000. Submit your pitch deck here to shape the latest advancements in Frontier Tech today!

Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Media Partners

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With the X400, German RepRap was the first company in Germany to release a large-capacity 3D printer for professional users, and we continue to steadily grow the product line. We focus specifically on industrial use for professional users in product development, prototyping, mold and model making, manufacturing, architecture and design. With DD4 extruder technology, new X500 effectually improve problem that have occurred at 3d printer of FDM/FFF technology.

HanilProTech Inc. - the exclusive distributor of German RepRap GmbH in Korea -handles FDM/FFF-type of industrial 3D printers as well as various filament and technical support required for optimal operation of 3D Printers.

1) X1000 : Build size- 1000*800*600mm
2) X500 : Build size- 500*400*475mm
3) X400 PRO : Build size- 390*400*320 mm
4) X350 PRO : Build size- 350*200*210 mm


3D Box produces 3D printer named “Meister” run on FDM technology. Also we are the reseller of “Come True” run on CJP technology made by Micro Jet Corporation in Taiwan.

3D Convergence Technology Center had been established for creating dynamic force of national and regional economic growth by providing facilities and equipment to help develop 3D convergent product and supporting research, development, utilizing equipment, training, education and business development. We expect that as a consequence, leading edge industries are developed, well trained human resources are supplied and establish vector of sustainable economic growth of 3D convergence industry. 3D Convergence Technology Center will take role of center for supporting and promoting 3D convergent technology by integrated system for supporting industry.

L.corporation is subsidiary company of MIRAE International trading company since 2016. 3DEVELOPER is 3D printer team of L.corporation and we offer you the qualified 3d printers for industries, education and for better life. We develop the high-end with cheaper printers for your accommodation. 3DEVELOPER provides not only 3D printers but also offer the 3D printing service, education programs and A/S, refurbish
service for customer satisfaction. These are the benefits for 3DEVELOPER customers only.

4DGate Co., Ltd. has a unique position in the domestic market with technical and consulting services due to its long experience and delivery record. In particular, 4D Face Scanner has been developed and exported to resellers in 15 countries around the world. In addition, we have completed development of the maximum size, DLP type of 3D printer in Korea. We are growing steadily every year in the domestic market(3D Scanner, 3D Printer, 3D S /W, close & long range 3d Scanning service, 3D Solution) with the best quality. We promise to do our best to be a reliable company based on customer's trust.

ATEAM VENTURES is a tech-based company which manufactures 3D Printer. Developed 3D Printer Sharing Platform, and 3D Social Remote Controller.

Aurora Labs 3D is currently the world’s most affordable 3D metal printer with 3 modes and 3 independently controlled powder hoppers. They have created their printers with a consumer budget in mind. Aurora Labs products are affordable enough for university labs, prototyping workshop, dental practices, bureau printers or the garage of the designers of the next disruptive technology.

Carima Co., Ltd is a Korea's first DLP 3D printer & Resin specialized manufacture company based on optics related know-how that has been accumulated during the last 30 years. It has been introduced to the public on internationally famous magazine, Wohlers report as one of Korean companies, also, has been recognized as specialty and excellence in development. Our products based on its technology are being exported into over 30 countries in USA, China, Russia, Japan, Germany and so on. We offer user-friendly operation program and 3d printing service, also dedicate to provide total 3D solutions.

COSCOI was founded in 2009, pursuing the integration of "contents" and "technology". This company has departed as an ICT company and evolved as global contents producer with the securement of convergent contents infrastructure. Involved in various business fields, such as character design, product design with distribution, smart toys, 3D printing R&D, animation production, VR theme park, and more, COSCOI possesses the superb technologies and know-hows due to various project collaboration with the field experts. Holding the attitude that targets a different level of customer satisfaction, COSCOI has always delivered the greatest, the best, and the optimized service to customers.

The CREAFORM 3D Scanner product line offers our easiest portable 3D scanning experience, providing fast and reliable measurements. With these handheld 3D scanners, you can even capture 3D data in full color. Through a very efficient process, these self-positioning systems can be used by anyone without requiring any prior experience or background, and provide visual guidance as you are scanning. Their innovative technology bypasses preparation steps and specific setups, provides a very fast measurement rate, and does not require manual data post-processing. Highly versatile, they can be used for a wide range of applications, helping professionals throughout the entire product development process.

CubeTech was founded in June 2014 for development of CAD/CAM software and industrial 3D printer. Based on SLM (Selective Laser Melting) technology, we have researched and developed CAD/CAM software, CNC controller and customized 3D Printing system. CubeTech deals with various printing materials including metal and can produce most of the key components as motor, controller and so forth. With patent application and continuous improvement of our products and services, we differentiate ourselves from major competitors. Recently, we are working on manufacturing 3D Printers as well as prototyping services.

Dentis Co., Ltd. is a model medical company that develops medical LED and provides medical professional equipments and services based on excellent technology starting from dental implants in 2005. Dentis has received IR52 Jang Young Sil Award and Certifications from the Minister of Knowledge Economy in recognition for its relentless investments in R&D and innovative achievements of research in diverse areas of medicine. In 2013, Dentis is participating as the subject of national project for the development of transplantable medical devices by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy based on its biotechnology. Not only is Dentis establishing its position in South Korea but also in the global market through international sales, it is also entering a fair competition with the global companies through relentless challenges. We sincerely thank all customers who have supported us in the growth of Dentis Co., Ltd. We will continue to always do our best for the health and happiness of the humanity.

EOS is the global technology leader for industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers. Founded in 1989, the independent company is a pioneer and innovator for holistic solutions in additive manufacturing. Everything EOS does is founded on the cornerstones of corporate responsibility and sustainability, both inward- and outward-facing. Whereby EOS embraces a deep commitment to customers and their needs. Like no other company, EOS is mastering the interaction of laser and powder material. Additionally, EOS provides all essential elements for industrial 3D printing. System, material and process parameters are intelligently harmonized to ensure a reliable high quality of parts and thus facilitating a decisive competitive edge. Furthermore customers benefit from deep technical expertise in global service, applications engineering and consultancy. EOS nurtures a vibrant ecosystem of partners and, by means of venture investments, helps incubate promising start-ups. It’s this interaction along the whole industrial value-chain that enables the development of extensive solutions for 3D printing. Hence contributing to the further digitization and automation of manufacturing.

Established in 2002, Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise which is committed to industrialization of biodegradable materials, such as PLA and PCL. With three R&D center involving synthesizing, modifying and application, it is the national strategic emerging industries projects, key technology research project units of Shenzhen 3D printing materials, national standards leading drafting unit of FDM3D printing materials. eSUN has begun the development of PLA in 2002 and engaged in the research of 3D printing materials since 2007. With the advantages of stable quality, rich varieties, cost-effective and wide application, it has established a good relationship with many world famous 3D printer manufacturers in FDM 3D printing materials, occupied the mainstream market in Europe and USA, sold to more than 80 countries, and has won a good reputation in the world.

FusionTechnology Co., Ltd has provided with 3D Printing Technology based with more than 25 years experiences of 3D Printing Technologies for the success of the applications of the customers. Our company, Fusion Technology Co., Ltd, supports 3D printing technology throughout the industry including manufacturing and design, culture and provides a wide range of patient-specific solutions in the medical field such as implant, surgical guides, as well as prosthesis through BME (Bio-Medical Engineering services)

G&I stands for “Global & Innovation”, so we are focus on Research & Development for new technologies based on creative and innovative company culture. We will do contribute our core technologies of happiness life by commercializing the new innovative products and 3D printing technologies.

Located in Ulsan Metropolitan City, Klabs specializes in 3D printing total solution. It manufactures and sells educational 3D printers and provides creative education and reverse engineering services using 3D printers.

KNsolution Co., Ltd. is a consulting company which provides 3D CAD/CAE software program and we are as a professional reseller of Dassault Systems Solidworks Corporations. In comparison with product development with 2D CAD, we verify technology issues through solutions such as 3D design, structure and heat flow analysis with 3D CAD Solidworks. Also, we sell products and offer technology support, training and consulting services of Solidworks for prototype development based on lengthy industry experiences. In addition, we try to solve any customers’ design issues and we will always continue to do our best for customers’ concerns and interests.

KITECH was founded in 1989 with the objective to support industry sector, especially SMEs. KITECH drives the nation’s industrial advancement by developing and commercializing fundamental technologies, technology support, and disseminating the achievements of SMEs.

Leejo was founded in November 20, 2014. Since then, leejo specializes in manufacturing 3D printers and providing quality 3D printing services. Headquartered in Changwon, South Korea, we also have our branch office in Seoul. Leejo is the Korea’s largest 3D printing shop with 200+ FDM on-hand 3D printers. Based on the trend of small quantity batch production system, we provide custom-made products quickly with reasonable price.

MakerBot, a subsidiary of Stratasys Ltd. (Nasdaq: SSYS), believes there's an innovator in everyone, and sets the standard in reliability and ease of use. As a global leader in the desktop 3D printing industry, MakerBot offers a set of solutions that illuminate and guide every stage of the 3D printing process, making it easy to go from idea to end result. Founded in 2009, MakerBot has the largest installed base in the industry with more than 100,000 MakerBot Desktop 3D Printers sold to date. MakerBot also runs Thingiverse, the largest 3D printing community in the world. The company's industry-leading customers include designers, educators, engineers, and consumers.

MotionWorks is developing and producing CNC engraving machine, 3D printer, and 3D scanner related to 3D product modeling (mockup) molding equipment. They are trying to create and localize the world's top level multi-axis motion control and the vision technology which is the core technology of these equipments. They would like to introduce Hybrid 3D model modeling machine which can realize more complicated and sophisticated structure by integrating CNC engraving machine and 3D printer through this exhibition.

Moment 3D Printer is FFF-type Desktop 3D Printer, which non-experienced users can start printing without intensive education. You can experience high quality print with every filament-type materials, such as PLA, ABS, Flexible and Wood type without nozzle-jamming problem. Included Simplify 3D is professional slicer for FFF type printers which provides more detail functions like single-support or pre-simulation. Main features of Moment 3D Printer are “Stable print”, “Easy to use” and “High quality”. And these features are leading Moment to be strong manufacturing start-up, exporting products to more than 20 countries.

Since its foundation in 1963, MSC Software has provided simulation software in a variety of fields. In particular, Simufact Additive, a professional simulation software for metal 3D printing, guides you through how to produce quality results from the first time. Simufact Additive is a powerful simulation environment for "right the first time" optimization of powder bed additive manufacturing processes (SLS, SLM,LBM, DMLS , EBM). Simufact Additive predicts the distortion and residual stresses in the part and guides the production engineer in how to compensate to ensure a quality part the first time. Process control variables may be selected to optimize the 3-D printing process to reduce time and waste.

Onscans Inc. is specialized in 3D scanners ; developing, manufacturing and selling 3D scanners. Based on technical skills developed over several years, Onscans is equipped with 2-types of scanners for industrial use and for human body. Onscans also provides self-developed 3D scan-data editing program “LM” which allows easier 3D data editing. Onscans also provides a variety of 3D data production services including development, modeling, and reverse engineering of 3D scanned data. Onscans provides technical support for 3D printing, CNC Engraving, Crystal Laser Engraving combined with 3D scanner.

Raise3D, Inc. is a professional designer and manufacturer of 3D printers in the world, headquartered in Shanghai, with its U.S. office in Pasadena. With partners in over 50 countries, Raise3D provides professional 3D Printers and 3D printing solution to various field. Raise3D released its second generation FDM 3D Printers N series on the world's biggest crowdfunding platform - Kickstarter in October, 2015 and raised 445,892 USD from 348 backers. The campaign was considered the most successful Prosumer 3D printing project in Kickstarter history. In 2016, N Printers was also awarded the best over 3d printer by Maker. Raise3D's version is to renovate traditional manufacturing and improve human life with 3D printing technology.


RPCAST makes investment casting with 3D Printed patterns. Main products are parts of turbo charger and gas turbine engine.

SamDiTech has been around for about 3 years at domestic levels since its inception in 2014. We were founded on our experiences in 3D Printing related businesses, sincerity and creativity as the main assets of the company. We are a domestic distributor of HyVISION SYSTEM, Inc. Our main business is to supply 3D Printer (Cubicon), mock-up and real figure. We thank our customers for their continued support, and we will strive to become a more reliable business partner.

SAMT fostered professionalism that was centered on creative ideas as a means to predict new markets and to discover future-oriented products, rather than simply focusing on the distribution of components. We have developed a distribution network to supply various 3D printers into Korea so that 3D printing technologies may be applied to the depressed manufacturing industry. With marketing knowhow, we will provide not only 3D printers but also overall solutions of 3D printing for the need of customers.

Silica sand is used to produce sand molds and cores with more precision and quality. it can be used in prototyping mock up for checking appearance, Sandgraphy for B2C product as interior product.We produce full body and bust products like artwork as Sandme. We also provide customized on-stop production service for complex prototypes such as engine parts by using Sandmold from raw materials to machining and inspection.


SDS ( System Didactic and Service Co.,Ltd. Korea ), Expert of 3D Printing Technology, Recycle Energy learning system, Educational Devices for schools and vocational training centers, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electronic & Electrical hardware teaching tools, Teaching device for Robot system linked with Touch-screen, Software “Dynamic display".

Solidscape incorporates innovative printing technologies and material properties that advance the state-of-the-art in computer-controlled fabrication of master paterns, by providng the highest standards in surface finish, accuracy and material castability. Our SCP(Smooth Curvature Printing) delivers the highest precision and surface finish in the industry.

In 1995, SNC Co., Ltd. started the 3D printer business in Korea, DLP (Digital Light Processing) and SLS (Selective Laser) Sintering: selective laser sintering) Sales, operation, maintenance and training of equipment In addition to the know-how accumulated in the industrial 3D printer market, the DLP, We are carrying out educational projects and user support projects using FDM equipment.

Thing&Thinks established for imaginable everything becomes reality. It became a cooperative for the purpose from people of various talents. We’re hoping finally for becoming dream factory. It provided services of verified design and production based on active data of user. Especially bidding service provided a trusted relationship between client and manufacturer. We also made 3D printers of own technology and multi-color hotend based on FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). We made an agreement with global 3D printing manufacturers about cooperation and provided that sale of import, technical service and formal filament of special purpose.

SUNDO solution is a 3D-related equipment and software company. 3D printer is Tiertime's domestic exclusive distributor. Software has handled the Creo and ArtCAM. 3D printers are leading entry-level printer market in the world through the UP series. In Korea, we are expanding the business base with last 3 years good reputation. We have developed the know-how in a variety of manufacturing and production of ideas through software and 3D printers, ultimately expanding the 3D content-related business. Through Creo and ArtCAM, we are expanding general manufacturing and pattern design business related software.

Vision Technology Korea is a venture business making 3D printer for education and test product gel printer for bio field. Also, we are manufacturing the inspection machine for semiconductor and FPD(Flat Panel Display).

XYZprinting's da Vinci 3D printers are the world‟s most affordable plug-and-play 3D printers. Each da Vinci 3D printer model is user-friendly and has its unique features allowing users to experience the best of 3D printing. The da Vinci 3D printers are perfectly suitable for domestic and professional use. Revolutionize your life with XYZprinting's fully comprehensive line of 3D printers.

YES01 is the Mcor's authorized reseller in South Korea as well as the 3D printer supplier. Mcor Arke is the only full-color 3D printer which can print paper materials in the world. It supplies and realizes vivid true color with Eco-friendly materials maintaining its low costs.

ZWCAD is a general CAD software. It has 550,000 users over 80 countries in the world, including large/medium-sized/small medium-sized enterprises in domestic market. With its 100% compatible UI and commands, any CAD users may feel it easy and familiar to catch on. What’s more, its high-compatibility with DWG format will enable you smoothly open and work on all drawings without any problem. 
ZW3D, an integrated CAD/CAM solution designed for the complete product development process, features the fastest kernel for Solid-surface Hybrid Modeling, non-solid mold parting and smart CNC Machining tactics from 2 axis to 5 axis. It brings customers endless benefits such as reduced costs, optimized design workflow and improved efficiency.


3DBank Co., Ltd has the largest cultural 3D content in Korea, 3d design & mockup service, and 3D printing community. It is a platform where anyone can profit from 3D modeling, mockup and 3D printing. Take advantage of all the content, information and services related to 3D printing. In our lives, as money collects in a bank, it collects everything in 3D and becomes 3DBank Co., Ltd. Passion, sharing, win-win will make Asia's leading 3D printing portal.

5000DOCI is a start-up that develops WAAM method metal 3D printer. WAAM method stands for Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing, which is a new metal 3D printing method that melts metal wire and makes 3D forms. Compared to original powder method, its biggest advantage is cheap device and material cost. Usable materials are Steel, Stainless, and Aluminium, and it is currently developing special materials like Inconel. We are also currently developing metal 3D printing technology that utilizes six-axis articulated robot. 5000DOCI will localize WAAM method metal 3D printer and make people easily print various forms such as large metal molding products and metal components.

Aref Co., Ltd. is specialized venture company dealing the Air Purifier. We have been playing an important role in purification of volatile organic compounds and toxic gas in indoor fields such as laboratory, chemical washing room, hospital, restaurant, ink and dyeing process, etc. And we also manufacture the smoking booth enabling perfect treatment of in real-time.

Elventree is a company that develops popular metal 3D printers using automation of casting. In the growing industrial 3D printer market, the absence of popular metal 3D printers suitable for small businesses and individuals is the biggest obstacle to widespread of metal 3D printers. Elventree can overcome shape limit of mechanical working by wax 3D printer with automation, using miniaturized casting equipment. The ultimate objective of Elventree is to provide 'in office metal mold manufacturing equipment' whose price is more economical than the metal 3D printing equipment, with the precision and strength of roast wax casting at reasonable and affordable prices.

Fordentech specializes in development, services, production and sales of 3D printer products industry for the present and future. Filament maker produces the filament required when using FDM 3D printers. User can create their own filament (ABS, PLA, PETG, WPC, TPU, etc.) using pellets. The maker powers from 23°C to 230°C,300°C,500°C and creates filament wires with 1.75mm to 3mm thickness that can be used by 3D printers from pellets. FORDEN TECH Co., Ltd. is a leading “3D printer filament extruding machine” company in the world. We have developed high technology “3D printer filament extruding machine” for the first time in Korea and now we are looking for business partners to make newer worldwide market together.

KNC is an authorized agent which deals with industrial 3D Printing System of EOS GmbH and SINTERIT SP Zoo. KNC has been building and spreading 3D eco-system in Korea for more than 2 decades now. The printing method of M&P equipment from EOS GmbH can be categorized as Powder Additive Manufacturing (SLS or DMLD) making use of various materials of Polyamide, Polystyrene, Metal, PEEK for customized products or prototypes. LISA of SINTERIT is a popular 3D printer using the powder of Polyamid (method: Plastic Powder Additive Manufacturing) for functional prototypes or finished products in best quality.

OWL WORKS 3D is a 3D Printer startup based both in San Jose, CA and in Seoul, Korea. It launched MORPHEUS 3D Printer through Kickstarter in 2015, and has successfully funded again with MORPHEUS delta in 2016. We’re using LIPS (Light Induced Planar Solidification) technology and its printing quality is far better than FDM/FFF technology but the cost is quite less than other resin-based 3D printing technologies. We'll be able to demo 4 different models at the event; MORPHEUS MK5 (latest version of MORPHEUS; large build-volume desktop), E7 (low-priced small desktop) , MORPHEUS delta (a true personal 3D printer) and I24 (large build-volume industrial machine).

The S; "A single figure of the world with precious moments" Remento Studio has a 3D scanning system with faster, more realistic 3D scanning systems and a full color 3D printer. I promise I will try my best to remember your precious moments in 3D


MarkAny is the world leader in security solution provider since its establishment in 1999 to provide competitive digital security services across enterprise DRM, anti-forgery, and digital watermarking system for more than 3,500 organizations, including, government agencies and a number of renowned enterprises by its patented technologies (about 250 technologies).

Media Partners is The Voice of 3D Printing Technologies, covering all the latest 3D printing industry news along with in-depth editorials and investigate reporting. Additionally offers resources for 3D printing professionals and enthusiasts alike, including the largest 3D printing message board,, as well as outlets fore-commerce, webcasts, white papers, online education and more. - Discuss 3D printing, get technical help, learn about the technology and more at the world's #1 3d printing discussion forum. provides a home for 3D printing fanatics, DIY enthousiasts, students, engineers and industry professionals. On you’ll find general information, news, product reviews, use cases and technical guides. You can shop for products in our store and look for jobs on our job board.

Attendees are eligible for 30 days free access to 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, the peer-reviewed journal providing a forum for world-class research in additive manufacturing and related technologies. The Journal explores emerging challenges and opportunities ranging from new developments of processes and materials, to new simulation and design tools, and informative applications and case studies. Novel applications in new areas, such as medicine, education, bio-printing, food printing, art and architecture, are also encouraged. To get access, go to:

The 3D Printing Channel is not only a destination for videos, articles and more for 3D printing enthusiasts, makers, designers and professionals but also a site network and conglomeration of business, marketing, PR, management and finance executives, all with marketing, media and management expertise. The 3D Printing Channel can help your 3D printing business. The 3D Printing Channel is the official media partner of 3D Printing Ventures and the Association of 3D Printing, the largest trade association in the industry.

Are you interested in 3D printing but not sure where to start? is here to help. We are the One Stop Shop for information and resources to get you started in 3D printing today. No hype or guru talk, just plain hands-on advice!

We support manufacturing and service companies in the molding business. 4 Dimension Molding Technology is the central media of information and knowledge. 4 Dimension Molding Technology is based on NAVER online community,

4 Dimension Molding Technology.”(NAVER is the biggest web portal in Korea.) This community was found in February 2008, and currently, there are over 60,000 members.  It has grown into an ideal place to share information and knowledge about plastic molding technology. Every year, we hold technology seminars with community members. Along with the development of our community, we publish a technical journal to spread professional and organized technical information.

Additive Manufacturing Today; Additive Manufacturing Resources Including Industry News, Videos, Events/Trade Shows and Companies Using Additive Manufacturing For End Use Parts.

Advanced Materials Economic News is weekly technical paper to deliver the news of important and basic industrial issue to contribute develop of our country. We are proud of our fast, accurate and in-depth article. we are dealing with various sections △materials △parts △Industrial Gas △3D Printing △machine △electronic △LED △environment and safe △Techno Park(TP) △Business Economy. As we are a respectable technical paper, our main subscribers are people who work in Government, Company, University, Laboratory, Institute. We also send News letter to subscribers every working day not only publish weekly paper and run website(

BusinessKorea is the oldest and most well-known monthly about business on the Korean peninsula. It was first published in June 1983, and is now in its 31st year of publication. Since 1997, BusinessKorea has been offering its content to Reuters, Dow Jones Information Services (publishers of the Wall Street Journal), Financial Times Information, and Factiva under licensing agreements. This year BusinessKorea has entered into a distribution agreement with the Wall Street Journal, to be distributed throughout their network in Asia. Where you can see the WSJ, you can also see BK. The international network of BusinessKorea is composed of 18 Overseas Media Representatives, including Marston Webb International in the US and Globe Media International in Canada. BusinessKorea’s readers include managers and executives with companies both large and small, as well as Korea’s top decision-makers and top-ranking ministry officials. Our subscribers and readers also include members of the expatriate business and diplomatic community in Korea. Internationally, we are Korea's most read business and financial publication, with a rapidly growing list of sophisticated readers in more than 100 countries. Now more than ever, readers and advertisers are discovering the power and reach of BusinessKorea. Our reading audience represents a broad-based and distinguished group of multinationals offering the finest in products and services - positive proof of the continued confidence that BusinessKorea maintains. With global interest in the Korean economy growing rapidly, now is the perfect time to become a part of Korea’s first and foremost English-language business publication.

CAD & Graphics, a monthly magazine published in KOREA. CAD & Graphics is the leader of the monthly magazine in the area related with CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, 3D Printing, Related Hardware & Software, etc. Other Business : CNG TV, SIMTOS 3D Printing Conference, 3D Printing Guide Books.

Cangoto provides information of five hundreds of exhibitions held in Korea all in one place to customers and also provides free tickets and easy register/entrée services. With Cangoto, visitors can save time by fast entree without filling out the questionnaire form and waiting long line stand. By using 1.4million user traffic, exhibition promotion and easy collection of visitors’ information are possible.

Founded in 1973, CHOMDAN has been publishing smart magazines with print magazines in six technical fields including automation sytems, electronic technology, electrical technology, new products & newtechnology,ID systems & security, and die & mold technology. In addition, it is the comprehensive media group that provides the 'Hello T' service, the portal of the web magazine, the only technology specialized in korea.

EIN Presswire has a distribution "foot-print" that includes millions of users of our EIN Newsdesk media monitoring services. We also maintain one of the world's leading media directories providing us with up-to-date contacts for media in every country and U.S. state. Further distribution is achieved via RSS, email, partner websites, and social media. We are both a destination (EIN Newsdesk) and a distributor (EIN Presswire) for news. In one place you can distribute your news to the targeted audiences you select and monitor news on that topic published by thousands of worldwide sources. For more information or to try us FREE, please visit

Green Economic Daily is 4th industry media. 

ICN (Industrial Communication Network) is a leading Korea publication dedicated to Industrial Ethernet, wireless technologies, Mobile, internet connectivity, power electronics and embedded networking products. Each monthly issue includes industry news, the latest new products, application story, interview of industry issue maker, market insights, and groundbreaking technical articles from industry experts. The editorial content is aimed at end-user, system integrator and vendors within machine builder, factory automation, process automation, energy and power electronics.

IT Biz is a Business Internet Newspaper.

The business areas of J&L Communications.,Inc, 20 years old leading media group in Korea, cover from Travel & Leisure & IT. J&L Communications.,Inc is a multimedia group to publish several magazines which are the very first magazines in Korea. is representative travel magazine with the longest history in Korea, is icon magazine of upper class culture enjoying luxury yachting life and is pioneering magazine to introduce amazing technology of 3D printing to Korea. J&L Communications.,Inc is a perfect compass for readers. We offer them all about travel, culture, trends, IT and lifestyle.

Kinews is IT professionals delivering general IT related information, including mobile, computing, and 3D printing, etc.

The Korea Industry Daily newspaper founded in 2007 has had issued for the stories of industry topic, policy, in-depth report about industrial sites. Moreover, the articles have being sent to major portal site like Naver, Google, Daum, Zoom, Nate and local government news. is an Online Trade Magazine featuringProducts, Companies, News, Articles and Events for the AdvancedManufacturing, Factory Automation & 3D Printing industries.

MM Maschinenmarkt is the leading German industry magazine for the manufacturing industry. It was founded in 1894 and is part of the German Vogel Business Media Group with more than 900 employees worldwide. MM is the official media partner for most known industry fairs that is EMO, Hannover Messe, METAV, AYTOMATICA, AMB, EuroBLECH, Motek, COMPAMED, LOGISTIK. MM has a worldwide network of 12 subsidaries and is issuing a worldwide circulation of more than 6 million magazines per year.


Monthly Plastics is publishing totally covering information of dynamically changing domestic and overseas plastics industry. Especially, "Monthly Plastics" has sections providing intensive news and information in each sector of "PLANT","MATERIAL","MACHINE","PLASTIC RECYCLING","3D PRINTING', and so on enabling readers to notice at a glance the inter-relation of those sectors of plastic industry.

ONOFFMIX is the largest event business platform in Korea. We are the platform for live experiences that allows people to find and create events for sharing interests, tastes, knowledge, and experiences among people. ONOFFMIX allows event organizers to plan, promote, and sell tickets to events and also enables attendees to find and purchase tickets to these useful contents and cultural activities. We have been carrying our business successfully as a meeting and social gathering platform since 2010.

Prototype Today is an informational resource website for 3d printing, rapid prototyping and manufacturing videos, news and events. The site contains over 3,900 videos broken down into 50+ categories for easy access. There are also over 4,000 articles and press releases available to search by a variety of criteria including company, most recent, tags, most popular and by month.

Korea’s best media company, S&M Media and PPURI NEWS have provided the latest news and information about steel and nonferrous metal for 24 years. The media consists of PPURI NEWS (online daily publication), PPURI (monthly publication), Steel & Metal News (bi-weekly newspaper & online daily publication), Steel Market (monthly steel magazine), Metal World (monthly nonferrous metal magazine) and Korea Metal Journal (online media in English). We also publish and issue various sorts of books covering most of metal components. has started as a blog dealing with 3D printing issues and is now the most famous personal 3D printing network in Korea. provides abundant information for beginners, interesting 3D printing news in and out of Korea, as well as the appropriate solution for each stage of realizing a product idea. is where people share their purposes and goals of using 3D printing and actively communicate with one another.

Official News Distribution Partner

PR Newswire (, a Cision company, is the premier global provider of news release distribution and multimedia platforms that enable marketers, corporate communicators, public relations practitioners and investor relations professionals to leverage content to engage with all their key audiences. Having pioneered the commercial news distribution industry in 1954, PR Newswire today provides end-to-end solutions to produce, distribute, target and measure text and multimedia content across traditional, digital, mobile and social channels. Combining the world's largest multi-channel content distribution and optimization network with comprehensive workflow tools and platforms, PR Newswire powers the stories of organizations around the world. PR Newswire serves tens of thousands of clients from offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions.