Korean Research Team Develops 3D Printing Method for Visually Impaired

Published by , July 3, 2014 11:50 am

(ScienceCodex) A research team led by Dr. Myoung-Woon Moon at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology in Seoul developed a new method that can be used to create educational materials for visually impaired students. The researchers used 3D printing and 3D surface thermal reflow treatment techniques to produce touchable objects with detailed lines and curves. Using the technology, not only Braille books, but also braille picture books and teaching materials can be made with greater flexibility in color, height and size. It is also safe for the human body since it does not require UV coating or harmful chemical treatment. The research team used the layer technique, which stacks each filament layer one at a time based on the data of 3D model.

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