3D Printed Wireless Headphone Design Wins Recognition

Published by , July 8, 2014 11:40 am

(Product Design & Development) Stratasys has announced that British product design house Ignitec has designed and manufactured a new generation of wireless headphones for technology start-up and luxury goods company Audiowings, using its Stratasys Objet30 Pro 3D printer. In a bid to receive funding, the first fully 3D printed Audiowings prototype was entered into Sir. Richard Branson’s ‘Pitch to Rich’ 2014 competition. The company has since been awarded the ‘People’s Award’, receiving a prestigious mentoring program from some of the world’s leading business minds. Audiowings is currently finalizing its plans to enter the retail market. Audiowings is a luxury audio headphone that synchronizes directly with online music services, such as Spotify, enabling users to listen to their favorite music on-the-go, without the burden of headphone cables. As well as featuring a built-in storage system, the device also connects wirelessly to the Internet using 3/4G or WiFi.

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