3D-Printed Titanium Mesh to Rebuild Severely Damaged Skull of Chinese Construction Worker

Published by , August 29, 2014 11:50 am

(3Ders.org) — Surgeons at Xijing Hospital in Beijing will perform surgery to repair a construction worker’s skull and start regeneration of his severely damaged brain tissue. A titanium mesh cover will be placed on his brain, one that was 3D printed. This type of large cerebral depression is rare, severely debilitating and very difficult to remedy. However, recent advances in surgical knowledge and 3D-printing technology could save the patient from this terrible condition.

Dozens of experts have been brought in to study and discuss the case, and they have decided to reconstruct his skull with a 3D print of a titanium mesh brain cover. His surgery costs will be waived, and a U.S.-based company will contribute materials and cover the cost of printing the mesh. If doctors are successful, the reconstruction of his skull will not only improve his appearance, but some brain tissue is expected to regenerate. This could lead to a partial recovery of sight and his language and writing functions.

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