3D Printed ‘Mazda Whisper’ Wins Mazda Design 2014 Competition

Published by , July 8, 2014 11:50 am

(3Ders.org) The official awards ceremony of the Polish edition of the Mazda Design 2014 Competition took place at the Grand Theatre in Warsaw on May 16. It was the 5th edition of this nationwide competition for designers. The design of a luxury car was one of the two categories. The winning car model was printed on a 3D printer, and then assembled entirely by Solveere — one of the most respected and longest running companies in the Polish additive manufacturing industry. The winner, “Mazda Whisper”, was made by Maciej Meroniuk in collaboration with Janusz Kaniewskim and Solveere. It was a 1:5 scale model (65 cm long) created with FDM and 3SP (Scan, Spin and Selectively Photocure) technology. The 3D printers that were used in this project were Envisiontec’s Ultra 3SP and Beijing Tiertime’s Inspire D290. After printing, the parts were polished, painted and then assembled.

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